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U.N. Report: Vatican Policies Allowed Priests

U.N. Report: Vatican Policies Allowed Priests To Rape Children The United Nations heavily criticized the Vatican on Wednesday for what it said was a systematic adoption of policies allowing priests to rape and sexually abuse tens of thousands of children. The devastating report published by the U.N. Committee on the Rights of a Child said the Vatican must "immediately remove" all known or suspected child abusers within the clergy. It said the Holy See had "systematically placed preservation of the reputation of the church and the alleged offender over the protection of child victims." https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/u-n-report-vatican-policies-allowed-priests-rape-children-n22531?fbclid=IwAR2jfbLFJ-d0uEppQElnpTQ91_WK68tOYQArK1HJKGmjLepOmSA9SoJgEjE

➽=ALL False flag-War Machine-War profiteering-Energy (oil/Gas) Iraq, Iran,…oil and gas

➽=ALL False flag-War Machine-War profiteering-Energy (oil/Gas) Iraq, Iran,…oil and gas USA invades other countries just to own their natural resources and to place them in the hands of American corporations. Facebook doesn’t call that terrorism. They call it democracy. BBC, CNN, FOX NEWS, FR 24, ITV/CH 4, SKY, EURO NEWS, ITV trash Sun paper,… Facebook all are protector and preserver of the propaganda classifying IR Iran as a dangerous terrorist organization. But FB, BBC, CNN, FOX NEWS, FR 24, ITV/CH 4-SKY, EURO NEWS, ITV do know well, that USA is the biggest terrorist country in the world. ‘terrorism’ the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. "the fight against terrorism" is the fight against the unlawful use of violence and intimidation and carpet bombing. Ever since the beginning of the 19th century, the West has been sucking on the jugular vein of the Moslem body politic like a veritable vampire whose thirst for Moslem blood is never sated and who refused to let go. Since 1979, Iran, which has always played the role of the intellectual leader of the Islamic world, has risen up to put a stop to this outrage against God’s law and will, and against all decency.


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MY NEWS PUNCH DR F.DEJAHANG 14-01-2020 Articles for Political Science, Mathematics and Productivity the Student Room BSc, MSc & PhD Project Mangers etc PPTs in SLIDESHARE International Studies Research Degrees (MPhilPhD) NEWS YOU WON’T FIND ON BBC-CNN-FOX NEWS, FR 24, ITV-SKY-EURO NEWS, ITV… Corporate Media Is Owned by Few Billionaires They Lie to You Wake Up. Vast majority in the Middle East knows (We Exclude Wahabi KSA and Takfiri and US Puppets, BNP/MKO/Fascist/Racist,... ), what majority of western audiences like Trump supporters, Conservative UK or racist European don't, because of cultivated stupidity... I don’t blame people in the west but corporate media like BBC-CNN-FOX NEWS, FR 24, ITV/CH 4-SKY-EURO NEWS, ITV- that those murdered by Trump's expeditionary forces in the last few days, were those most responsible for the destruction of the Bolton/ Saudi-inspired terrorists like ISIS / DAESH/....... ALL In My Documents: https://whaller.com/sphere/yia0ze# https://www.edocr.com/user/drdejahang02a Also in https://www.edocr.com/v/jqmplrpj/drdejahang02/LINKS-08-12-2019-PROJECT-ONE Click on Social Websites of mine >60 ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL PPTs https://www.slideshare.net/DrFereidounDejahang/16-fd-my-news-punch-rev-16122019 ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL Josh Sigurdson @JoshSigurdson • 2h Check this out and share! BREAKING NEWS: Josh Sigurdson reports on Iran striking U.S. on bases in Iraq! ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcotdR8U37o ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL Facebook Tyrant I saw a post about remembering the US shoot down of the Iranian airliner (Iran Air Flight 655) in 1988, and Facebook had a flag warning that it was "fake news" MOUTHPIECE OF Pentagon Facebook is a protector and preserver of the propaganda classifying IR Iran as a dangerous terrorist organization. But FB knows well, that USA is the biggest terrorist country in the world. USA invades other countries just to own their natural resources and to place them in the hands of American corporations. Facebook doesn't call that terrorism. They call it democracy. Leave FB ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL FB is marking this as "partly false information, checked by independent fact checkers" and then linking to some Spanish language fact checking site named "Observador" which ranks the post at the upper end of their "deceiver" scale based on the site's analysis asserting that the US in reality apologised, while ignoring the fact that all military personnel involved were decorated for their actions in taking down the plane. The site, by the way, contains almost no information about where it is bases, how it is funded, or other information which relates to its own credibility. Conclusion: Partly false The information in this post is a mix of true and false statements or it could simply be incomplete. In some cases, the information is misleading. Signing order to fire 100+ cruise missiles into Syria without UNSC mandate was Trumps first undisputable war crime, so is stealing oil from Iraq another war crime? US Uses False Flag Op to Legitimize Bombing Iraq, Syria In warfare, the False Flag is a ruse, used to legitimize the abandonment of military rules of engagement. Its name derives from ancient cheaters in nautical warfare. The Nazi Reichstag fire and the US Gulf of Tonkin are two infamous examples of false flags. The US has used false flag cover for yet another round of bombings. On Friday, 27 December, one or more rockets were fired at an Iraqi base in Kirkuk, which hosts “Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) coalition forces,” reportedly killing one “U.S. citizen [contractor] and [which reportedly] injured four U.S. service members and two members of the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF).” Though not even ISIS claimed responsibility, the US declared the Iraqi Hezb Allah group and Iran’s Quds Forces — because of “linkage” –culpable.” The US has continuously said blatantly earlier that it doesn’t want any Iraqi forces near the borders with Syria, in a clear signal to allow ISIS to resurface in that vital Tehran – Baghdad – Damascus Highway. https://www.globalresearch.ca/us-uses-false-flag-op-legitimize-bombing-iraq-syria/5699153 ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL Barry Grossman • Just to be clear, when it comes to the Ukraine Air tragedy, the "fat lady" hasn't even begun to sing. The fact that Iran quickly admitted inadvertently shooting down the flight and apologised without qualification, in no way implies that the event was not orchestrated by dark elements working hand and hand with the US Security Apparatus. A number of things are starting to come to light, including US jamming operations which seem to have affected Iranian communications at a critical time, as well as a carefully planned and curiously timed operation to fly numerous F-35s through Iranian airspace, apparently calculated to make Iran's defense forces think that a US attack was imminent and therefore trigger an armed response. The fact that the ill fated airliner's transponder was apparently completely destroyed and its departure from the filed flight plan are both matters which were well within the capabilities of hostile forces to engineer. That US officials have been somewhat understanding and uncritical when it comes to the tragedy, apparently opting instead to politicise, even weaponize it through their proxies and the press, is also revealing. Investigations are ongoing and time may very well present a very different picture than the one painted by the selected facts most people are being encouraged to embrace. Comments favour V against Iran Jet Disaster Setup The 19-second video published by the New York Times last week showing the moment an Iranian missile hit a passenger jet has prompted much social media skepticism. Questions arise about the improbable timing and circumstances of recording the precise moment when the plane was hit. The newspaper ran the splash story on January 9, the day after a Ukrainian airliner was brought down near Tehran. It was headlined: ‘Video Shows Ukrainian Plane Being Hit Over Iran’. All 176 people onboard were killed. Two days later, the Iranian military admitted that one of its air defense units had fired at the plane in the mistaken belief that it was an incoming enemy cruise missile. “A smoking gun” was how NY Times’ journalist Christiaan Triebert described the video in a tweet. Triebert works in the visual investigations team at the paper. In the same tweet, he thanked – “a very big shout out” – to an Iranian national by the name of Nariman Gharib “who provided it [the video] to the NY Times, and the videographer, who would like to remain anonymous”. ttps://sputniknews.com/columnists/202001131078026961-iran-jet-disaster-setup/ ➽➜R⇢7/12➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL The West Is Run by BarbariansHow much longer are we accepting the tyrannical dictate of the American rulers? It gets worse by the day – and it looks like the western world’s “leaders” (sic – so sic!) are caving in ever more to the American killing machine – the European Union – and all its members heads of state, and all the Zion-Anglosaxons and Japan – no one dares standing up and shouting “NO!” – no more of your hegemonic atrocities! – But they all bend over backwards to please a criminal empire, run like the Barbarians. Imagine, the so-called world leader invites you to a foreign country to help mediate between different factions, you accept, and when you arrive at the airport, he kills you. Then he smiles and boasts in utter satisfaction that he has given the order to kill – kill by remote control, by drone. Much worse than extra-judiciary murder, because there was never any accusation launched against you – except for lies. https://www.globalresearch.ca/west-run-barbarians/5700435?fbclid=IwAR0jPMzHn2E2F6IUTtMHFRFdMR1KYo4xZBTxXRwuLK0JtPK5wIWVtyj5nuE ➽➜R⇢12➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL Yes, it was genocide American Thanksgiving: A Pure Glorification of Racist Barbarity “The Thanksgiving story is an absolution of the Pilgrims, whose brutal quest for absolute power in the New World is made to seem both religiously motivated and eminently human…. The Mayflower’s cultural heirs are programmed to find glory in their own depravity, and savagery in their most helpless victims, who can only redeem themselves by accepting the inherent goodness of white Americans.” This article was originally published on November 27, 2003, when Glen Ford was co-publisher of The Black Commentator. https://www.globalresearch.ca/american-thanksgiving-a-pure-glorification-of-racist-barbarity/5359622 ➽➜R⇢7/14➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL Turkey to recognize killing of Native Americans as ‘genocide’Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Ankara will proceed to recognize the killing of millions of indigenous Americans as “genocide” in response to a recent move by the United States government to define the massacre of Armenians by the former Ottoman Empire as such. The US Senate unanimously voted in favor of recognizing as “genocide” the mass killing of Armenians during World War One in the early 20th century. Speaking on the official Haber news channel on Monday, Erdogan said Turkey “should oppose [the US] by reciprocating such decisions in parliament. And that is what we will do.” https://www.presstv.com/Detail/2019/12/17/613870/Turkey-Armenian-genocide-US-Native-Americans ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL Is it possible that one of the F35s that were flying in Iranian airspace at the pivotal moment used the airliner as a shield, intentionally try to attract defensive fire at the plane or not?. Based on similar Russia blames Israel after military plane shot down off Syria ... 18 Sep 2018 - The aircraft vanished after Israeli jets put it into the path of Syrian air ... out strikes on Syria, but an Israeli military official recently said it had hit ... Furthermore, the Syrian air defences should have known the Russian plane was ...https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-45556290 ➽➜R⇢14/14➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL A Russian military site Avia.pro has addressed the issue of “human error” relating to the crash of Ukraine’s Boeing 737 [departing from Tehran] on January 8, minutes after takeoff, which resulted in the death of 179 passengers and members of the crew. Relying on military experts, the report intimates that the incident bears a canny (point by point) resemblance to the destruction of a Russian IL-20 in Latakia, Syria in September 2018.https://www.globalresearch.ca/according-to-russian-experts-the-us-bears-partial-responsibility-for-the-human-error-which-caused-the-ukrainian-plane-crash/5700373?fbclid=IwAR1nzLZtuGaZOlJJ-s-1D63UzvGyurhlgtXTPYNMFi_ww_cVy7jgH1w5svM ➽=ALL ~ This... PETER KOENIG: How much longer are we accepting the tyrannical dictate of the American rulers? It gets worse by the day – and it looks like the western world’s “leaders” (sic – so sic!) are caving in ever more to the American killing machine – the European Union – and all its members heads of state, and all the Zion-Anglosaxons and Japan – no one dares standing up and shouting “NO!” – no more of your hegemonic atrocities! – But they all bend over backwards to please a criminal empire, run like the Barbarians. https://www.globalresearch.ca/west-run-barbarians/5700435 Shouldn’t there come the moment when the majority of UN member states – call for a vote to expulse the US from the UN – and start from scratch – with a new revamped, UN that would act according to its original charter seeking and mediating for peace ➽➜R⇢5➤=RESEARCH 25 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to Be TrueIt may sound crazy—especially when you're talking about investigations into flying saucers, nefarious government programs, and ultra-secret, fire-lit gatherings of the world's richest men—but not every conspiracy theory ever uttered is something to scoff at. In fact, many of them have turned out to be completely true. For proof, grab your tin-foil hat and read on, because here we've gathered all of the wildest conspiracy theories that have turned out to be 100 percent rooted in fact. https://bestlifeonline.com/true-conspiracy-theories/ ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL Trump's plan to seize Iraq's oil: 'It's not stealing, we're reimbursing ourselves' One of the recurring themes of Donald Trump’s national security strategy is his plan to “take the oil” in Iraq and from areas controlled by Islamic State (Isis) extremists. It would drain Isis’s coffers and reimburse the US for the costs of its military commitments in the Middle East, the candidate insists. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/sep/21/donald-trump-iraq-war-oil-strategy-seizure-isis?fbclid=IwAR3GgC0vjPegSZLRN-glxrkvbgVbRYoeDv-1xwo6yAa_1FcWfij6j8C30dA Barry Grossman • In asking people to believe that vast swaths of humanity hate the US because of its commitment to "liberty, equality, justice, and democracy for all", we are expected to embrace what is perhaps the most absurd conspiracy theory of all time. Yet this raison d'etre for US military interventions is so widely presumed to be accurate that the vast majority of people who embrace it lack all capacity to recognise that it is a "conspiracy theory and fail to ask themselves how, if the US is indeed committed to those principles, could so many people globally detest the US establishment. In fact it the basic premise is so absurd, that they had to back it up with several others which explain this incoherent babble by misrepresenting Muslims, Socialists, Russians, Asians, Latinos, and assorted other demographics as being inherently hateful, violent or criminal by nature. The mind boggles that so many people and pretty much all of the western establishment, embrace this idiocy, while still having the temerity to claim they are opposed to bigotry and racism. Trump: Saudi paid $1bn to increase number of US troops in regionUS President Donald Trump said that he made Saudi Arabia pay the US for the increased presence of American service personnel in the region as a result of the regional tensions. In an interview with the American TV channel Fox News, Trump said: “Saudi Arabia is paying us for [our troops]. We have a very good relationship with Saudi Arabia.” “I said, listen, you’re a very rich country. You want more troops? I’m going to send them to you, but you’ve got to pay us. They’re paying us. They’ve already deposited $1 billion in the bank.” https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20200113-trump-saudi-paid-1bn-to-increase-number-of-us-troops-in-region/?fbclid=IwAR3PMbqLi0Pkby0yI7xJtO1gZMMDI5utlDLC-Ieuj1HHylNlCsiqoZhke9A ➽➜R⇢5/7➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL For anyone who had any doubt about whether Trump is a racist or not read the article below Batool says-Batool Dyl Regrading welfare, rape and so on... what majority of western audiences i.e. Trump's supporters, Conservative racist, fascist UK or European far right...don't understand, because of cultivated stupidity... and because of BBC-CNN-FOX NEWS, FR 24, ITV/CH 4-SKY-EURO NEWS, ITV ..tell them non stop lies. Give you an example, as I deal with rape victims. In African-American neighbourhoods it is mainly black man..., in white areas it is mainly white man.. but in UK all the blame goes to Muslim Pakistani. Yes in Pakistani neighbourhood it is mainly Pakistani man...so it is all political to win election to start war, to privatise and make good big money by lying and.. President Donald Trump was apparently unaware that not all—in fact, the vast majority—of welfare beneficiaries are not black as recently as last March, according to a new report. In the spring of 2017, the newly elected president met with members of the Congressional Black Caucus. During that meeting, one of the members mentioned to Trump that welfare reform would be detrimental to her constituents— adding, "Not all of whom are black," according to NBC News. The president was incredulous. "Really? Then what are they?" Statistically speaking, they were probably white. https://www.newsweek.com/donald-trump-welfare-black-white-780252?fbclid=IwAR1EDPhCxnu_YlcNi2377xpXxQOCAd0paYXzaKDaLp5GHKudd2mJ6eiLHsk ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL I dislike CONSPIRACY THERORIST read and judge for your self Was Journalist Jen Moore Killed After Contacting Authorities About Bill Clinton? Conspiracy blogs cited vague "preliminary reports" to suggest that Jen Moore could have been part of the "Clinton body count." The death of Jen Moore in Maryland in August 2018 reignited conspiracy bloggers’ claims of a long-running and far-ranging plot to kill off critics of Bill and Hillary Clinton, with suggestions that the “investigative journalist’s” recent death was a suspicious one that coincided with her providing criminal allegations about Bill Clinton to federal authorities. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/jen-moore-death/ ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL Corbyn described the assassination to Sky News as “a provocative act, which has made the whole world a much more dangerous place.” Speaking to Sky News, Corbyn insisted that whether Soleimani was a terrorist or not was “not the point” and that instead, one should focus on the fact that the assassination was “an illegal act that took place” and “if we want to end illegal acts by anybody, you don’t commit them yourself.” https://www.jpost.com/International/Jeremy-Corbyn-refuses-to-call-Qasem-Soleimani-a-terrorist-613608?fbclid=IwAR3icEJHpsLv75pVWRmBE2Ok_bnxyfel0-UClHQWxrznen0Dyf4TPeN4eqY ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL How to Talk to Your Kids About the Situation With IranOn Jan. 3, the U.S. military carried out a drone attack in Iraq. The attack killed Qasem Soleimani, a top military leader from Iran. The action comes after increased tensions between the U.S. and Iran, and has fueled anxiety about what might happen as a result. The situation is dominating the news, and children who hear about it are likely to have lots of questions. https://time.com/5760199/how-to-talk-kids-iran-soleimani/ ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL Is Our World Held Hostage by PsychosDoris Welsh 15 hrs • ~ MSM Media Selective Empathy ~ Distracts with Slight of Hand Tactics ~ While corporate media in the United States has been fixated on events in Iran, specifically the recent admission from Iran that Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 was accidentally shot down by its military, other equally—if not more important—news has largely been ignored or glossed over during the growing tit for tat conflict between the two countries. Such important events include: The U.S. state department’s Friday statement that the U.S. military will stay in Iraq indefinitely despite being told by Iraq’s government to leave. Massive anti-Macron Yellow Vests protests continued in France for the sixty-first consecutive week. The disturbing fact that a U.S. drone strike reportedly killed around 60 civilians on Wednesday. According to Tolo New, a drone strike targeting Mullah Nangyalai, a top commander in the Taliban, killed him along with around 60 civilians in the Shindand district of Herat, Afghanistan. Locals have called the attack that involved four armed drones a mistake, despite officials from Afghanistan’s Ministry of Defense reporting that the strike was coordinated between U.S. forces and the Defense Ministry. The Pentagon’s confirmation of the attack was published in the U.S. military publication Stars & Stripes in an article titled Airstrike in western Afghanistan kills leader of Taliban splinter group, may have killed civilians. Unsurprisingly, the article does not confirm civilian deaths. Instead the article appears to gloss over them quickly, saying the strike “may have killed several civilians." ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL ~ * AJ Nelson * ~ January 12, 2020~ US DRONE STRIKE REPORTEDLY KILLS 60 CIVILIANS IN AFGHANISTAN https://news4achange.com/us-drone-strike-reportedly-kills-60-civilians-in-afghanistan/?fbclid=IwAR1ASTrOhcuMCnuMfODBPlWnuWZVpCF8a81uZVPG21Bxi1ew9wUu4QlPPRk ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL While everyone was fixated on events in Iran, a U.S. drone strike reportedly killed around 60 civilians in Afghanistan. ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL Doris Welsh 16 hrs • Weather Modifcation Technology is OLD Application Not always Benign EWR (EnvirowatchRangitikei) Cloud seeding is a well known tech & is employed all over the world according to a BBC documentary (see video excerpt below). This is going on in 47 countries, including Australia, involving 150 programs ‘as we speak’ says the commentary. The US military also used it as weather warfare during the war against Vietnam, known as Operation Popeye. Australia was in fact the first to trial cloud seeding back in 1947. They’ve been covertly studying it ever since, government and private business interests modifying weather to suit their own interests. So ask yourself, why are they not using it to stop these fires? Why have they not used it to prevent drought? Australian Max Igan gave us the answer to these questions not so long ago. Have a listen & see the other related videos on his channel. Hear his exposé on where the water has really gone from the Darling River. See why there is a drought, it’s not as you think & it’s not what mainstream is telling you. *~ January 04, 2020 * ~ * Pam Vernon * ~ https://envirowatchrangitikei.wordpress.com/2020/01/04/australia-is-1-of-47-countries-globally-that-makes-rain-by-cloud-seeding-bbc-why-are-they-not-using-it-to-extinguish-the-fires/?fbclid=IwAR0hwGWg-RhrtSl5On4lSYK5gs2PLpQxlEN7pncmRhNyt1wWvOGFR964CZE ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL For anyone who had any doubt about whether Trump is a racist and a big bully or not read the article below Weld says Trump wants reporters to 'roam free' in Iran, but not US The “one bit of good news” amid mixed claims on intelligence over the recent U.S. drone strike against Iran is President Trump’s call for reporters to be able to “roam free” in Iran, Trump’s Republican challenger Bill Weld said Sunday. “The one bit of good news today is we know that he wants reporters to roam free in Iran,” Trump said on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” referencing the president’s Sunday morning tweet. “The only problem is he doesn’t want them to roam free in the U.S., because he says to us a free press is the ‘enemy of the people’,” Weld, the former governor of Massachusetts, added, noting Trump’s repeated attack on the media. https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/477901-weld-says-trump-wants-reporters-to-roam-free-in-iran-but-not-us?fbclid=IwAR2UCRbNLSKMzDxxI2HxWj0OkTcrKWiJ84ATbFwi24JCgF9cuqmhmvY3-ms#.XhyM_4FtzdA.facebook ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL ISIS Re-Emerging in the Syrian Desert with the US Help The main fear of the United States of America in the region is the connection between Iran and Syria through Iraq. It’ll create a strong economic and civilized bloc that would threaten the satellite protectorates existing to serve the US’s hegemonic policies in exchange for the protection it offers them. The US hegemonic policies are definitely not in the interest of the US people, rather the junta in control of the US through the politician puppets. Months after losing territory it controlled and the killing of its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ISIS terrorists are carrying out sporadic attacks targeting Syrian army convoys in an attempt to disrupt his movement. https://www.syrianews.cc/isis-re-emerging-in-the-syrian-desert-with-the-us-help/?fbclid=IwAR0hjoZft2Is9glEfsFL1JediYlEfBzyJ-xEqGUAwT1HXYklyLAZh_7Jn9w ➽➜R⇢20➤=RESEARCH Messianic nut-case Iran gambit backfires, payback begins By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports 107 Comments The recent events orchestrated by the U.S. government in Iran have backfired in a major way and the repercussions have only just begun, multiple sources agree. The worst result has been to force the British and the rest of the Anglo-Saxon world away from their alliance with the U.S. under its current administration, MI6 sources say. “Whatever happened should never have happened, and the Western powers need to vacate the Muslim world and contain Israel,” the sources say. Even the Israelis are waking up to the dangers of the Evangelical Christian nut jobs they created, Mossad sources agree.https://benjaminfulford.net/2020/01/13/messianic-nut-case-iran-gambit-backfires-payback-begins/?fbclid=IwAR3Izh1ek5A1K_mJeJaK6rr7CaL9YNn6Bhcoegv03XBKdIfJLyM5z8kjC-U ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL Final summary of the Iran shoot down of Ukranian jet This report has changed a lot as new info has come in. The info is complete enough so it likely won't change again. Here is what happened:Two minutes after take off, the transponder, communications, and lights on the aircraft were shut off, obviously via remote. It flew in this hacked configuration for approximately 4 minutes and 30 seconds before, in error, Iranian ground forces mistook it for a cruise missile and shot it down, with Iran's top nuclear physicists aboard. The plane was sent out during a no fly order to get the most important people (and their families) out of Iran before a war broke out, which Iran was expecting.The only question in this story now is who interfered with communications between the airport, the military, and the pilots, who went dark for a considerable length of time before the missiles were launched. Approximately 1 minute after the first missile was launched, a second one was launched though the first one probably would have downed the plane despite it not being on fire. Eight minutes after take off, it crashed. My guess is Israel is the one that hacked the plane and shut the transponder, lights and radios off to force it to fly completely dark, the way a cruise missile would. They are the only ones celebrating. As corrupt as Ukraine is, Iran SHOULD NOT turn over the black boxes until they have at least copied what is on the cockpit voice recorder. If whatever is reported to have come off that voice recorder does not mimic what I just said above, the wrong people will have "analyzed it", you know, like how accurately American votes get counted. This site occasionally gets messed with to prevent updates from showing. If the page has not updated for a while, open a new private window (not just a new tab, open a private window to turn off your cache) or if that does not work delete your cache entirely and then click here Jan 13-14-2020 The date is not always updated, when it gets updated all depends on when I can get into the top part of the site to update it. ➽➜R⇢114/7➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL OK 6000+/- (a convolutional neural network (cNN) based approach is presented: Image Crowd Counting Using Convolutional Neural Network and Markov Random Field) V 7 million/ Hundreds of thousands packed the streets of the Iranian capital Tehran for the funeral of Iranian military commander Qasem Soleimani. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJb7WBuaHawPlane crash: Iranian protesters call for Supreme Leader to resignhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcwab7I_ils ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL ‘Our enemy is here’: Iran protesters demand that leaders quit after plane downed Public anger boiled up following days of denials by the military that it was to blame for the crash January 13, 2020 at 2:49 am | Published in: Asia & Americas, Europe & Russia, Iran, Middle East, News, UK, Ukraine, US, Videos & Photo Storieshttps://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20200113-our-enemy-is-here-iran-protesters-demand-that-leaders-quit-after-plane-downed/?fbclid=IwAR2EIVyyCTDbcCIKpYGn_-VFmeDZl4SdIyQp7Ru4tKwTn2nOk0igg48hRiI ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL Despotic Shah’s army in USA V George Galloway exposing Hegemonic powers Los Angeles' Iranian community cheers anti-regime protests over downing of Ukrainian plane https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_U1r0Er0jI V Western intervention in Iran, Syria and Venezuala | George Galloway https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLptx8Ab38A ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL "Boris Johnson has warned his cabinet that it is “time for the slaughtering of sacred cows” as he vowed to cull the pet projects of his predecessors ... Ministers were ordered yesterday to go through their spending line by line and send the Treasury suggestions for projects that could be cut or abandoned entirely. The prime minister said that they should push ahead with the cuts even though some officials would “squeal” and others would behave “like a tiger protecting its cubs”. The time had come for “tough decisions”, he said." https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/tough-cuts-ahead-in-the-budget-boris-johnson-warns-ministers-bmt2tqnqx?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR2aDvpQcFH8cD4faHXk1oB04UHBOfQkRTZE0g5tyND1j3JNuCv4-BRCUv4#Echobox=1578416951 ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALLUS Defence Secretary Mark Esper on Sunday said he did not see specific evidence from intelligence officials that Iran was planning to attack four US embassies, an assertion made by President Donald Trump in justifying the killing of Iran's top general. While Esper said he agreed with Trump that additional attacks against US embassies were likely, he said on CBS's "Face the Nation" that Trump's remarks to Fox News were not based on specific evidence on an attack on four embassies. https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/pentagon-chief-says-no-specific-evidence-iran-was-plotting-attack-four-us-embassies?fbclid=IwAR1NUFGgtCnQsdMeg3yof1MdZ02rWH_NVClnnCi_jDMpK8wfBZYkfq6Nihg ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALLPentagon chief says no specific evidence Iran was plotting to attack four U.S. embassies Valerie Volcovici WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Sunday said he did not see specific evidence from intelligence officials that Iran was planning to attack four U.S. embassies, an assertion made by President Donald Trump in justifying the killing of Iran’s top general. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-iraq-security-usa/pentagon-chief-says-no-specific-evidence-iran-was-plotting-to-attack-four-u-s-embassies-idUSKBN1ZB0KM?fbclid=IwAR0W497L11x_fTAErvCu596P9cSu1pEOJcrfy1Dz4egkd6yJByVxoLFzdgM Democracy Now!Like Page • ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL New details are emerging about how the shadowy data firm Cambridge Analytica worked to manipulate voters across the globe, from the 2016 election in the United States to the Brexit campaign in Britain and elections in over 60 other countries, including Malaysia, Kenya and Brazil. A new trove of internal Cambridge Analytica documents and emails are being posted on Twitter detailing the company’s operations, including its work with President Trump’s former national security adviser John Bolton. The documents come from Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Brittany Kaiser, who spoke with Democracy Now! in her first major interview since the revelations.https://www.democracynow.org/2020/1/7/the_great_hack_cambridge_analytica?fbclid=IwAR2rj4qKL_VWUR2hwll5GfdMubcsBmIklJbA7QUPH93Gb61u_prdFJtqbdQ ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL Droning the World: The Assassination Complex From Bush to Obama to Trumphttps://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/13/droning-world-assassination-complex-bush-obama-trump?fbclid=IwAR1oZbUxZGcLkQ0icmZmyFywWLRjag8BbqOtVoceJYsL-Ld4N8DW4J3diXg The entire system is blatantly corrupt beyond comprehension. CBS News Analyst Pushing for Military Strike on Iran is Being Paid by Raytheon https://theantimedia.com/cbs-news-military-strike-iran-raytheon/?fbclid=IwAR0s_nM2nFuHYQi2ujUl4iPrir979QF0xLfy3QOjs1jDuSlJO4k7VGLSAIQ ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL Well, not exactly like that, but in a way, yes. Now, finally, ‘the gloves are off’. The U.S. is openly threatening the historically timid ICC (International Criminal Court) and its judges. And unexpectedly, the ICC is hitting back. It refuses to shut up, to kneel, and to beg for mercy.Suddenly, even the Western mass media outlets cannot conceal the aggressive mafia-style outbursts of the U.S. government officials. On March 15, Reuters reported:“The United States will withdraw or deny visas to any International Criminal Court personnel investigating possible war crimes by U.S. forces or allies in Afghanistan, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Friday.The court, which sits in The Hague, responded that it was an independent and impartial institution and would continue to do its work “undeterred” by Washington’s actions. https://nortonsafe.search.ask.com/web?q=google&o=APN11908&chn=Default&geo=en_GB&prt=&ctype=&ver=&tpr=121 ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL Televangelist Acton Bowen Sentenced To 1,008 Years For Sexually Abusing Children Justice: Popular Alabama televangelist Acton Bowen is sentenced to 1,008 years, the maximum penalty allowed, after pleading guilty to 28 charges of raping and sexually assaulting multiple children.In addition to the 1,008 year sentence, Bowen was also ordered to pay $840,000 in fines. Before his arrest in 2018, Bowen was the host of xlroads TV, a global broadcast reaching millions every week. https://www.patheos.com/blogs/progressivesecularhumanist/2019/12/televangelist-acton-bowen-sentenced-to-1008-years-for-sexually-abusing-children/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=share_bar&fbclid=IwAR3HmTjhVo6Z5m7Kakq6NMY7GEamcrLt2jHGMfxDZ_6fe4M0z4BzFwdqEAw ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL “A NARCISSIST IN WASHINGTON”: Maple Leaf Foods CEO blasts Trump over Canadian deaths in Iran plane crash It was a surprising and unprecedented statement by the CEO of Maple Leaf FoodsAs Canada mourns the loss of 63 fellow citizens caught in the cross-fire of the Trump’s war with Iran, the CEO of Maple Leaf Foods Michael McCain took to Twitter to issue his own statement about the tragedy. The unprecedentedly candid statement from a Canadian CEO appears to have been a response to being personally affected. One of McCain’s colleagues lost his wife and 11-year-old child, both of whom were on Ukraine Flight 752. McCain laid the blame for the deaths of Canadians squarely at the feet of Trump, arguing the deaths were precipitated by Trump’s “irresponsible, dangerous, ill-conceived” decision to attack Iran in an attempt to “divert focus from political woes.” As of this writing, the Tweet has been shared 2,600 times. McCain’s full statement can be found below: https://north99.org/2020/01/13/a-narcissist-in-washington-maple-leaf-foods-ceo-blasts-trump-over-canadian-deaths-in-iran-plane-crash/?utm_content=bufferda031&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_north99&utm_campaign=buffer&fbclid=IwAR0_WcvtlBZvo6EEyWVd23RKZqEuW7Be81P6iUBFnLKFqHIB63L-W9kNqhw ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL New report reveals details of US assassination of Iran's Gen. Soleimani, exposes Israel's role New report reveals details of US assassination of Iran's Gen. Soleimani, exposes Israel's role https://www.presstv.com/Detail/2020/01/12/615983/Iran-General-Qassem-Soleimani-assassination-Israel-Qatar?fbclid=IwAR2v8TKrkDV6MF-m8DZE-6bitxtPze9sEMzkkIR0__KrPlGjZZIEgoy63qY ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL Caitlin JOHNSTONE: “The government which runs a globe-spanning empire led by a reality TV host keeps talking about the lack of normality in the nation of Iran.” Caitlin JOHNSTONE The government which runs a globe-spanning empire led by a reality TV host keeps talking about the lack of normality in the nation of Iran.“What we want all countries to join in,” said State Department Spokesperson Morgan Ortagus in a recent Fox News interview, “is to help us not only to de-escalate any tensions with Iran, but to help us bring Iran to a place where they are ready to stop their terrorist and malign behavior, and where they are ready to discuss with the United States, with Europe, with everyone, about how they can change their behavior to act like a normal nation.”“We want Iran to simply behave like a normal nation,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a press statement the other day. “We believe that the sanctions we imposed today further that strategic objective.”https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2020/01/13/iran-must-begin-acting-like-a-normal-nation-says-totally-normal-nation/?fbclid=IwAR3vFRnAdEFA5bFjRyoZ3vPyn5fZelTI3_xZ5oTJJAlvR87ijRmTHMWRLvM ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL This president sees too many Back to the Future Seems Increasingly Likely Trump Just Made Up the 'Imminent Threat' Posed by Soleimani New reporting reveals the president conditionally approved the Iranian general's assassination seven months ago.https://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/13/seems-increasingly-likely-trump-just-made-imminent-threat-posed-soleimani?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR3qxLNgdxf6WIUqOYB4QXrPc2RsqGRMF2ArLPldn2tq3CWkg4SmvC_xbQ8 ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL THE DYING EMPIRE(HEGEMONIC POWE5R) Donald Trump’s rant against Iran is the howl of a dying empireDonald Trump does not strut the world stage as Augustus triumphant. On Wednesday he might have commanded that “Iran will never be allowed to have a nuclear weapon … we will never let that happen”. But as he slurred at his autocue, he conveyed only ritualised abuse of Iran and pleas to Nato for help, a Nato he once majestically derided. I sensed we were seeing the US’s days as world hegemon dribbling away. Even Trump’s Republican ally Mike Lee called the Iran briefing “the worst briefing I’ve seen – at least on a military issue – in my nine years” in the Senate. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/jan/09/donald-trump-rant-iran-dying-empire-nato?fbclid=IwAR0yC0DZczwfmTuqiocR7BnzkhU7QIh4qsK2zVd-eWvWDSmzc-5_pM0H-mU 2017 Donald Trump's hotel in Azerbaijan linked with corruption, Iran's Revolutionary GuardAn unopened Trump hotel in Azerbaijan has been linked to corrupt officials who support the Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, reports Adam Davidson in a New Yorker piece. https://www.businessinsider.com/donald-trumps-azerbaijan-hotel-linked-with-corruption-iran-2017-3?fbclid=IwAR2aXlW1K2hhAAembtTc84VmcM595Iek0q62wSeZr_q6qr31YB9f4LRp7Us&r=US&IR=T ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL Society's Child 'Designed by clowns and supervised by monkeys': Senate investigation into Boeing air disasters reveals what employees thought of 737-MAXNewly released internal emails from Boeing Co. paint a disturbing picture of its 737 Max program, with employees bragging about fooling FAA regulators and ridiculing its safety.The emails were part of more than 100 pages of documents sent Thursday by Boeing to House and Senate committees that have been investigating the aircraft maker in the wake of two crashes in 2018 and 2019 that killed a combined 346 people. The 737 Max family has been grounded for nearly a year, with no return date yet.The emails were also made public, in three batches: here, here and here."This airplane is designed by clowns who in turn are supervised by monkeys," read one email.Some messages detail problems with the development of Boeing's 737 Max simulator and suggest the planes got FAA approval under false pretences. "I still haven't been forgiven by God for the covering up I did last year," one of the employees says in a 2018 email, apparently referring to interactions with the Federal Aviation Administration."Would you put your family on a Max simulator trained aircraft? I wouldn't," one employee emailed a colleague. "No," the co-worker responded. https://www.sott.net/article/427162-Designed-by-clowns-and-supervised-by-monkeys-Senate-investigation-into-Boeing-air-disasters-reveals-what-employees-thought-of-737-MAX ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL Was Iranian Missile Operator Tricked Into Shooting Down The Ukrainian Airlines Plane Over Tehran?he Iranian confession that their military shot down the Ukraine International Airlines plane near Tehran is the end of the matter as far as international diplomacy and the media is concerned. The official story then about what happened is this:It's 2am on January 8th 2020 and our guy is sitting in a Tor-M1 air-defense missile system about 10kms north-west of Imam Khomeini international airport, west of Tehran. General Soleimani had been buried the day before, and in the last half-hour or so a couple dozen Iranian ballistic missiles had been fired from western Iran at two US bases in Iraq.The entire Iranian military is on alert and stress levels are particularly high. There's been a lot of chatter about a likely US response to the Iranian missiles and our guy is one of several teams positioned around Tehran tasked with shooting down anything on his radar screen that fits the profile. But as the hours pass without incident, he starts to doubt he'll see any action - at least, not tonight.By 6am the only thing he can report having seen on his radar screen are each of the 9 scheduled flights that departed the nearby airport that night. He watched them take normal flight paths off the northwest runway, climb into the clear night sky and then veer north or northeast. Since the Tor-M1 system he is operating is fitted with IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) functionality, he could even see their call signs. The second-to-last one was Qatar Airways Flight QR8408 heading for Hong Kong. https://www.sott.net/article/427303-Was-Iranian-Missile-Operator-Tricked-Into-Shooting-Down-The-Ukrainian-Airlines-Plane-Over-Tehran?fbclid=IwAR0jt6dUk6grRa-3XccTh4C888M6V90J7cVdbbX01B9c0W9UihyfZfO5tcw ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL Danish Troops Testify To Greater Damages At US Base in Iraq, As Well As To NATO’s Lack of Readiness https://southfront.org/danish-troops-testify-to-greater-damages-at-us-base-in-iraq-as-well-as-to-natos-lack-of-readiness/?fbclid=IwAR2D6jYajmQIZdbKi37VhB4aASLcIRvYcEHlCCnzTSF65gDNeg-4Lu2YwMs ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL Tony Gratrex 15 mins • I'm not particularly convinced of the ICC's neutrality when it comes to even consider prosecuting western or Israeli officials. However it gives me some satisfaction that Israeli officials are getting worried that they may be held to account.Members of the Diplomatic-Security Cabinet are said to be “profoundly concerned” that the International Criminal Court and may issue secret arrest warrants for Israeli officials it considers suspects as it will launch a war crimes investigation against Israel, within the next 90 days. http://english.pnn.ps/2020/01/12/israeli-cabinet-warns-from-secret-icc-arrest-warrants/?fbclid=IwAR2tf3hyHovA73UW5YkV3T5ZFjjemo2nqsf2cQ2OhNh5pj41OrauHWboVro ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL Paul Apollonio Trump was conned into this assassination. There would have been NO ONE in the entire country whose assassination would create unification and martyr status more than this man, Solemani. Mossad pointed it out because the OWNER, Rothschild, wants us to fight the war with Iran so he can control their resources just like he controls ours, the UK, France, Germany and most of the countries on the face of the planet. Isn't it funny, every war has one thing in common and the media THEY own never point it out? I wonder why.... ➽➜R⇢95➤=RESEARCH By Elijah J. Magnier: @ejmalrai Well-informed and established sources at Iraqi Prime minister Adel Abdel Mahdi’s office in Baghdad believe “the US is unwilling to listen to reason, to the Iraqi government or the parliament. It has the intention of bringing war upon itself and transforming Iraq into a battlefield, by refusing to respect the law and withdraw its forces. The US will be faced with strong and legitimate popular armed resistance, even if some Iraqis (in Kurdistan) will break the law and will accept the US presence in their region, though without a heavy price.” https://ejmagnier.com/2020/01/13/iraq-is-the-next-battleground/?fbclid=IwAR3Jhi6gYoqTACuiGwIYr55wf6C5AsLREbc4CS94pYfAEgCec5Wwd0RtLg8 ➽➜R⇢➤=RESEARCH ➽=ALL Barry Grossman 6 hrs • The Times report makes clear that, far from being a spur-of-the-minute decision by Trump, the murder of Suleimani had broad support within the executive branch and the intelligence agencies, which had planned this crime for the past 18 months. The account implicates former National Security Adviser John Bolton, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and CIA Director Gina Haspel in advocating and plotting the murder. The Times report presents a picture of a criminal state, in which the most flagrant violations of the law are treated as routine. It is a testament to the degree to which US foreign policy has been criminalized after nearly two decades of the “war on terror.” This noramlization of illegality extends to the press. The tone of the Times report is that of an adventure story. There is not a hint of a critcial attitude toward the flagrantly criminal character of the actions it describes. The word "legal," or any variant of it, simply does not appear in the body of the text. The article makes clear that the Trump administration’s motives for murdering Suleimani had nothing to do with a supposedly “imminent” threat, as claimed by White House officials. Rather, the United States wanted to retaliate against Suleimani for a series of US policy setbacks for which the American state held him responsible. The assassination of Qassem Suleimani and the criminalization of US state policy 13 January 2020 On Sunday, the New York Times published a detailed account, based on high-level sources within the US government, of the Trump administration’s decision to murder Iranian Gen. Qassem Suleimani on January 3, 2020. The Times report makes clear that, far from being a spur-of-the-minute decision by Trump, the murder of Suleimani had broad support within the executive branch and the intelligence agencies, which had planned this crime for the past 18 months. The account implicates former National Security Adviser John Bolton, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and CIA Director Gina Haspel in advocating and plotting the murder. https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/01/13/pers-j13.html?fbclid=IwAR1PNs_4lB87NxQEsQRxc_9qe1GOJjEH9MfX2Gx7WrxZFyimZ241o5Lx6LE

My News Punch EVENTS

My News Punch EVENTS


Ray McGovern served as a CIA analyst for 27 years, from the administration of John F. Kennedy to that of George H. W. Bush. Ray’s duties included chairing National Intelligence Estimates and preparing the President’s Daily Brief, which he briefed one-on-one to President Ronald Reagan’s five most senior national security advisers from 1981 to 1985. He received the Intelligence Commendation Medal at his retirement. Ray McGovern , a real man who is ethical with high moral compass, a good man above all a brave man. This is how American leaders should be but they are exactly opposite to Ray. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nW02a9xuChM&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3GqcpZurNCW_PEtPg-TL9h1WgfKTORzEerBUCMczpbUgHhtAC2HEXbxDE

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