The Preferred Enema Soap of Mothers for Generations How many boys grew up getting their enemas made with Ivory soap? Friends tell me that its smell is engraved in their minds and means only one thing - naked in the bathroom being filled with the hot, soapy enema water. For many the cramps are the strong memory and the mixture of hurting so bad, but feeling so good.
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Tough question: who enjoys it more, the giver or the receiver? I say, share the fun and both give and receive.
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You know when you get home from school and see this hanging that you’re in for a long afternoon. It is never just one enema, it is always a series, something about “soapsuds enemas til clear.”
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You hear the CLICK. There is a pause and then you feel it. That warm feeling on the inside that spreads out. You know you’re getting an enema and hoping it will go smoothly. As the bag deflates your belly starts to feel more full. Please don’t make it give me a cramp, but then you feel it, the cramp, the urge to go. “Please, I’m full. Stop it.” You’re told to take short breathes and “Pant like a doggy.” You do. It helps a bit, but you just want the enema to be over. You also notice how hard you are and as uncomfortable as it is, you are also liking it.
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Growing up, finding this in the linen closet and wondering what it is and what it is used for until that day when you are told you are getting an enema and you learn. For some of us, this was a life-changing event.
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How to strike fear in a boy. Tell him to strip to his undies and sox and report to the bathroom. When there, he sees the bulging bag with the soapsuds at the top. “Take your underpants off young man.” He knows he’s in for a ride. Try s he might to get out of it. The full bag will fill him and cause a very powerful BM and clean him out thoroughly. And for many boys, give them a raging hard-on.
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Happy Valentine's Day! Now, get undressed.
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So cute!
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Disciplining a Boy Equipment: Enema bag, pitcher, J & J baby shampoo, tablespoon measure, K-Y jelly, large bulb nozzle, inflatable bardex nozzle. Preparation: Prepare a 2-3 quart soapy enema with very warm (not too hot) water using ½ to 1 tablespoon of soap per quart. Both nozzles work well, though the bardex with its balloon wiil ensure the boy takes and holds the whole bag. Procedure: Wake boy up in the morning and tell him to report to bathroom in underpants (and sox if desired). Have enema bag prepared and hanging for him to plainly see. Address his shortfalls (e.g. poor grades, homework, attitude, not cleaning up, etc) and the need for punishment. Tell him to remove his underpants. Expect apologies, begging, and maybe pleading. Be firm; he will need to submit and take the whole enema. Tell him it is for his own good and that many boys are receiving enemas this morning for similar reasons. Have him lie over your lap or get on the floor on all fours with his butt high and head/shoulders low. Administer the enema. Follow-up: Inspect the result after he evacuates. He may need a second enema to ensure he is fully cleaned out. Remind him of the reason for the enema. Finally, praise him for being a good boy and taking his enema punishment.
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Ready for his enema - a big, hot and soapy one. Love a boy in just his white socks, the perfect enema uniform.
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